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Beltexco s.a.r.l. founded in 1922, is one of the leading companies in the D.R. Congo and the leader in the mass distribution of fast moving consumer goods.  They are the pioneer along with front runner in branding and product development in the DRC.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO's foremost manufacturer of soaps, detergents, edible oils, margarine and cosmetics. Founded in 1922, this plant was amongst the first of the Unilever's international manufacturing operations.

Founded in 1981, they are the exclusive distributors of Yamaha products in DRC. Their showcase of brands include HUSQVARNA Chainsaws & Garden Equipment, Siemens Electrical Generators, Zodiac lifeboats, Iveco marine and Kodak.
Their cycle brands – KINGA and CYCLOR – are bywords for quality and excellence countrywide

With the objective of providing need based solutions
for all electrical requirements.  Representative of Telemecanique, Siemens,
Merlin Gerin, Conlog amongst others.

RAWBANK is a world-class, global, innovative bank that creates and distributes highly effective and profitable banking and financial products and automated payment systems for all its Congolese and international customers: private and public enterprises, international organisations, embassies, NGOs and private individuals.

A leading distribution companies in Angola with outlets in: Luanda, Lobito, Luena, Saurimo, Malange, Cabinda, Huambo, Lubango and Namibe. Mission to continue the improvement of capabilities and full commitment with high quality services & is also the only company in Angola with a solid business plan to address the suppliers’ strategies & provide the people with services, quality and most importantly affordable retailer prices everywhere.